At LionsBridge, we want You to do most of the talking!


– Who are the important people in your life?
– What does your retirement look like?
– What do you want to achieve with your wealth?

Managing wealth isn’t about your assets. It’s about you. That’s why we focus on listening to you. Then we offer distinct solutions to address the real financial complexities in your life.

Our highly personalized approach puts our entire team at your service and easily within reach. Communication is available as often as you like and through any channel that’s convenient for you.

Personalized Asset Allocation

We don’t adhere to one-size-fits-all asset allocation models and because we are fiduciaries, we are not looking to sell investment products. Instead, we create a customized asset allocation for each client based solely on the prospect of achieving success relative to your specific objectives and constraints.

LB-41Personal Relationships

LionsBridge was built on the idea that personal, one-on-one service and ongoing communication are the keys to a successful long-term financial partnership. We stress regular face-to-face meetings, to discuss investment trends and your progress towards your investment goals. We also provide comprehensive performance reporting and real time investment reports, via email, that keeps you consistently up to date.

We have a personal relationship with all of our clients. When you meet with us you are interacting with the principals of the firm and our sole focus is to help you find the solution you are seeking.

1040-TaxesMinimizing Taxes & Fees

We strive to minimize the impact of taxes and fees on your portfolio. LionsBridge employs a low-turnover approach to portfolio management combined with a disciplined program of offsetting gains with losses. Our fees are lower than most advisors or a basket of mutual funds – (Never more than 1% and moves lower as relationship size increases).

We believe taxable assets should be managed in a different manner than tax-deferred assets in order to provide the best after tax results.

integrated-tech-platformIntegrated Technology Platform

Charles Schwab & Co is our primary custodian and you will have access to all the tools and resources of Charles Schwab & Co.

We provide clear and understandable client performance reporting through Black Diamond. You will be able to clearly understand how you are progressing toward your goals. We can also provide reports on any accounts you might have away from LionsBridge.

We utilize one of the most advanced trade modeling and rebalancing tools, Red Black, to rebalance portfolios as markets fluctuate. Tamarac also enables us to utilize tax efficient techniques to ensure taxes are kept to a minimum.