chessWe do not believe there is a holy grail to investments. Investors spend inordinate amounts of time following gurus, market timers, pundits, tips from associates, hot mutual funds, etc. We do believe that a mixture of tax-sensitive investing, combined with a competitive fee structure, can help investors achieve their goals.

We apply the following principles to our Investment Strategies in a disciplined and consistent manner:

  • Follow the short, intermediate and long term trends in the broad market and invest accordingly depending on these trends.
  • Trends in asset classes and sectors evolve over time and are not random. If one is inclined to adjust the mix of your asset classes, then invest in the asset classes that are in favorable trends. If your tax or other unique considerations will not allow for this, then utilize the best historical risk adjusted mix amongst all assets classes, over a market cycle, in the most inexpensive manner.
  • When buying individual stocks, there is no one “best style”. Styles like growth, value, quality, sentiment, momentum, etc. go in and out of favor over time based on economic cycles and relative valuations. Buy stocks that show the best combination of these attributes and hold them for long term capital gains, while also following a disciplined strategy for selling the losers that do not work out.

There are several premises we follow in all of our Investment Strategies:

  • No investment strategy will work all the time. Some will work, while others will not over time periods less than a market cycle. However, the beauty of diversification, demonstrates that over time a combination of all these strategies is powerful.
  • Keep fees and taxes low, utilizing an asset allocation among stocks and bonds that match an honest and pragmatic assessment of your liquidity needs, time horizon, tax situation, return objectives and risk tolerance.
  • Taxable assets should be managed in a different manner than tax-deferred assets in order to provide the best after tax results.
  • Portfolios need to be invested and managed differently in “Bear Markets” than in “Bull Markets”- accordingly, we practice vigorous risk mitigation in some of our investment strategies in trending bear markets.

We offer five individually managed investment Strategies, with a wide range of asset allocation programs. We also have the ability to utilize outside managers in a multi-manager program to gain access to specialized asset classes.

No matter what the client objective or approach considered, LionsBridge has a program to meet your unique needs. We seek value in all asset classes:

Fixed-Income, Multi-Cap US Equities, International Equities, Managed Futures, Real Assets and Currencies