Our job is to listen and understand your concerns and help develop solutions. For many clients, the following are some starting points:

  • Assess your existing investments and let you know of any concerns, such as hidden costs or inefficient activities. Suggest and explain appropriate, more cost-effective alternatives
  • Refine how and where your assets are allocated to create a risk/reward profile that makes sense for you. Maintain or update your allocations as the market and your goals evolve
  • Intelligently divide your investments between your taxable and tax-sheltered accounts, to minimize the damaging impact of taxes across your portfolio.
  • Coordinate your investment activities within the context of your overall wealth management needs, including insurance, estate planning, charitable intents and other related concerns
  • Prove clearly understood reports on your progress and be transparent about the fees you are paying
  • We can aggregate and report on all your accounts – even those held away from LionsBridge
  • Provide ongoing counsel and education as new opportunities or new challenges arise

In short, most investors aren’t investing for fun; they’re investing for their life. In that context, investment selection is merely part of a much greater whole that warrants objective, advisory oversight. It warrants LionsBridge Wealth Management.