We do not adhere to a one-size-fits-all asset allocation policy and because we are fiduciaries, we are not looking to sell investment products. Instead, we create customized asset allocations for you based solely on the prospect of achieving success relative to your specific objectives and constraints.

There is no “best” investment strategy. All disciplines have strengths and weaknesses, and can have significant differences in short-term performance. Consistently beating a market index utilizing only one particular investment style, or strategy, is difficult for even the best money managers.

We offer a wide range of investment programs, from a multitude of private managers to proprietary models which can accommodate any investor’s vision.

Our Proprietary Programs range from ETF Index Baskets to Strategic Tax Sensitive Models thru Global Multi-Cap portfolios with active risk mitigation.

  • We believe that portfolios need to be invested another way in “Bear Markets” than in “Bull Markets”- accordingly, we practice vigorous risk mitigation in our investment strategies in trending bear markets
  • Adjusting a portfolio over a full market cycle manages risk for clients and prevents market timing mistakes that diminish returns over time
  • We do not attempt to forecast the market’s direction; rather we vigorously monitor market trends, whether they are up or down, and reflect those trends in our portfolios
  • Timing the market is a very difficult endeavor, but identifying times when reducing risk has historically been beneficial, helps clients maintain their long-term asset allocation
  • Intelligently divide and manage your investments between your taxable and tax-sheltered accounts, to minimize the damaging impact of taxes across your portfolio.