Your financial circumstances will become more complex. As time goes on, your financial situation will likely grow more intricate. Add children and eventually retirement into the mix, and there’s suddenly a lot to keep track of.

The stock market has historically returned (over a long time period) 10% on average, but most individual investors have seen only a fraction of those returns. Why? Because of emotionally based investment decisions and attempts to time the market.

We believe in the following premises:

  • There is no single “best” investment strategy. All disciplines have strengths and weaknesses, and can have significant differences in short-term performance
  • We believe that portfolios need to be invested and managed differently in “Bear Markets” than in “Bull Markets”- accordingly, we practice vigorous risk mitigation in some of our investment strategies in trending bear markets
  • Adjusting a portfolio over a full market cycle manages risk for clients and prevents market timing mistakes that diminish returns over time
  • We do not attempt to forecast the market’s direction; rather we vigorously monitor market trends, whether they are up or down, and reflect those trends in our portfolios
  • We believe that tax-deferred assets should be managed in a different manner than taxable assets in order to provide the best after tax results. Does your current advisor keep an eye on your after after-tax returns?

We seek value in all asset classes: Fixed-Income, Multi-Cap US Equities, Intl. Equities, Fixed-Income, Real-Estate, Private Equity, Managed Futures, Real Assets and Currencies